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Audio Portfolio


South Dakota Field Producer

iHeartMedia's Class Action - a 12-part podcast exploring the world of Trial Advocacy.

Are You There?

A journey about belief and skepticism. Portland, Maine. 2020.

Producer, Engineer, Editor, Writer, Narrator

BLM Maine

Producer, Engineer, Writer, Narrator

BLM protest Postcard. Portland, Maine. 2020.

Last Meal

Producer, Engineer, Writer, Narrator

Vox Pop. Portland, Maine. 2020.

Music Direction, Editor, Voice Actor

Robert Mehling's Edge Case - an anthology sci-fi horror fiction podcast.

Audio Stories

Tape Sync

Politico story on South Dakota House Representative Dusty Johnson

frat girl.

Producer, Engineer, Writer, Interviewer

Interview with Madison Lukomski. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 2020.

The Train

Producer, Engineer

KCACTF Workshop project. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 2019.


Final Class project. Prague, Czech Republic. 2018.

Producer, Writer, Narrator

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