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I'm Applying for Grad School and it's Not for Theatre

This is a decision that has been a long time in the making but has only recently been finalized. Which is pretty lucky because the deadline is June 5th and that is soon.

I originally started this blog to share my journey as I transition from student actor to professional actor. Then the world turned upside down and every day I am seeing articles about theatres closing. The most recent one I read was about the Globe Theatre in London, a building that has stood since the year of my birth. Which is really weird.

Anyway, the Globe Theatre relies solely on donations and profits from shows and it's at risk for closure because there's no shows and no donations.

Unfortunately, it's not the only one facing permanent closure. My industry is not recovering from this, not for a long time.

So I had to make a very difficult decision. Originally, I was going to go to Detroit and try to make it big while my boyfriend studied lighting design. He's still going to be studying lighting design but I don't think there's going to be any stages to make it big on.

So I'm throwing out one last Hail Mary. The SALT Graduate Certificate in Audio Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. When I first got into sound design, I looked at this college and had wanted to apply but decided it would be worth it to go to Detroit and see how things went.

It's no longer worth it to see how things go.

So hopefully, I'll be in Maine. It's only a three month program and it's basically supposed to toss me into the deep end of audio production, pitching stories to new organizations like NPR, and a lot of editing. Thankfully, I really love editing audio. It's how my storytelling is guided and it's a lot of fun.

I'm sad I won't be moving to Detroit with the person I love but I am hopeful that this is the right decision. Besides, it's only three months. Detroit will still be there in January.


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